Nervous Man Gets His First Shave Of The Year, Only To Look Completely Unrecognizable


Ed Carthy had been growing his beard for a whole year, and his hair for 18 months. It initially started off as a joke among his friends to see how long he could grow it.

Kids would ask him if he was Santa Claus. “No, but Santa’s my dad,” he’d reply. He was also compared to Jesus.

But with his 10-centimeter-long bushy beard and a ponytail, Ed decided it was time for a more clean-cut look. So, he headed off to a barbershop in Liverpool, the U.K.

Ed was visibly nervous as he sat in the salon chair awaiting his transformation. “I can almost see myself again!” he shouts as the locks fall to the floor.

Once the cut and shave are complete, most of the YouTube commenters note Ed’s striking good looks. It seems the consensus is that Ed is much better off without all that hair.

Just wait until you see him by the end of this video — he looks like a completely different person.

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