Newborn Refuses to Let Go of Mom’s Face. Adorable Moment Is All Filmed


With so much uncertainty surrounding the conception, labor, and delivery of a baby, it could be one of the greatest periods in a woman’s life. The experience is almost magical as the mother beholds the life she has carried for months inside her.

Immediately the newborn opens its eyes to the world and is placed in her mother’s hands, all the pains and strain of the pregnancy melts away, all of the agonies now seems to be worth it. Although, about one-third of the births in the United States are through C-section. These mothers are numbed by anesthesia, making their body immobile and incapable of holding their babies until the drugs wear off. As a result, the newborn is positioned on the mom’s chest or close to her head.
Some have argued that the mom-newborn bonding moment post-C-section is not as magical as post natural birth. Well, that school of thought has been clearly put to bed by a viral video of a woman and her newborn, making the claim far-fetched.

Brenda Coêhlo de Souza, the Brazilian mother, went into labor and delivered her daughter Ágata Ribeiro Coêlho.


After the C-section delivery, baby Ágata was immediately brought to her mom, Brenda so they could have their first magical skin-to-skin bonding.


Everyone in the operating room carried out their tasks as usual, but baby Ágata had her own plans to blow them away. The experience was an extremely touchy one for the staffs as baby Ágata met her mom for the first time.


As soon as the newborn was placed close to her mom, she put her arm on Brenda’s face such that she looked to be caressing her mom’s cheek endearingly.
The mom and her baby lay together in this position for some time until Ágata began to cry out. In the sweetest and calmest of voices, Brenda began to talk to her new girl, which clearly brought peace to Ágata.

Seeing Ágata comforted by her awesome mom, Brenda, a first-time mom who is already excelling in her new role, is indisputable evidence that the first bonding moment for a mother and her child after a C-section is in no way less magical than for a natural delivery.

With the baby in her mother for nine months without so much as an eye-to-eye, they seemed to have immediately formed a strong bond that we’re sure would be very significant in the future.
A video of the encounter was posted online by the staffs in the operating theatre, and it went viral with people sharing their experiences too.

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