Octopus Gets Out of Water And Walks On Land! Excited Family Captures it All on Camera.


Tourists at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California had more than what they had anticipated while taking a walk along the coastal region. They walked carefully along the coastline not to bring imbalance in the way nature operates, by they kept an eye on the wildlife to catch the sight of anything that may unravel in their presence.

Normally, when having a nature walk, one would be keener never to miss anything that will come their way. Every movement or occasion that nature presents is an entertaining moment for any tourist. Be it an animal chase, fighting, mating, or just the sight of them grazing in the field, is just what anyone loves to see when out to interact with nature.


As the visitor of this great marine reserve continues to move along the coast, they spotted what made their day! An octopus emerged out of the water and made its way straight to them. They didn’t know what to expect of this beautiful creation of nature. It was such a funny moment that they never wanted to miss. They wanted to remain with the memories of such event so, they reached out for the camera. What they captured is fantastic, and worth memorable.

A recent study on the intelligence of an octopus puts it as the most intelligent animal that habits marine environment. The octopuses have a higher IQ compared to other marine organisms on the planet. Their ability to tell the difference from one human being to the next, and solving puzzles is just incredible. Moreover, octopuses have independent personalities that can work in coordination to help them solve some of the challenging situations that may come their way.


Just like human beings can do, an octopus can make friends with other animals, and form a remarkable bond between them. With all the capabilities highlighted, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve attendants were not wrong to allude that the octopus in question was much aware of its actions. It was not a coincident that the tourists came face-to-face with the octopus, rather, it was its making to come out of the water to meet them.

After dashing through the seaweed here and there with a large crab on its back, the octopus reached the destination of its journey right in front of the humans. It never looked scared at all. It stopped for a moment to take a look at the tourists who had come to see for themselves what it was up to at that moment. When satisfied, it let the crab fall slowly from its back.

The octopus behaved more similarly as a messenger would have done. Though it could not communicate directly to the human beings, it managed to drop its parcel. The sight of octopus turning back and making its way through the grasses was thrilling to watch. Tourist became keener than before just to capture its every movement without blinking their eyes.


It is impressive sometimes to watch how nature works. The way it models itself to bring out everything just to order is remarkable. It is no doubt that this small octopus was on a mission to complete.

Many of us have this belief that octopuses spend most of their lives in water, but the contrary is the truth. According to marine biologists, some species of octopus can move on the land at a fast speed. However, you will hardly spot an octopus on a dry land.


The tourists received the gift that they never expected from the octopus. Maybe, the octopus wanted to examine their reactions as regard the crab that it dropped just before them. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve visitors were not happy just for the gift, but also the way the octopus was so willing to move as close to them as possible. To them, it was a day well spent at the coast, and they will live to remember the experience.
You can try to reach the video to see the behavior of this amazing octopus. Am sure you will love the feeling, and you will make a wish that you were there to catch it all live!

Share with us some of the visits that you have made to the coastal region or any other nature visit where you so something that made your day. Just tell us I brief the experience that you had. If you had seen an octopus before, then let us also know your experience with it. Did it behave in a more similar situation to the one in this story? Please leave it as a comment.