One Crucial Method for Becoming a Constant Winner at ’’Rock, Paper, Scissors’’


We used to think that the good old-fashioned game ’’Rock, Paper, Scissors’’ was based on pure luck and random chance. But if that were so, it wouldn’t be so interesting.

Bright Side reveals a few tricks to help you become a constant winner at the classic game.

First of all, let’s start with the basics. As you probably know, the rock breaks the scissors, which cut the paper, and, in turn, the paper covers the rock.


After watching thousands of these battles, a group of Chinese researchers from Zhejiang University found out that the player who won the current game will most likely do the same motion in the next one.

On the other hand, if the player loses two times in a row or more, he’ll stop showing the unfortunate combination and will try to form the shape that allowed his or her opponent to win a moment ago.

Based on this, there’s a winning strategy:

  • You lost? Form the shape that beat your opponent’s last winning shape.
  • You won? Don’t form the same shape. Instead, form the latest combination of the opponent who has just lost.

And a few more pieces of advice:

  • Men usually form the rock first. If you’re playing against men, try the paper.
  • Skilled players will try to play to your naivety and form the paper. Use the scissors.
  • When you see that your opponent formed the rock twice, you should know that a human hates being predictable, and most likely he or she will use scissors next. Use the rock.
  • Follow your opponent’s fingers. The slightest motions can tell you which move your opponent is going to use. If all fingers are tight, it’s rock. If relaxed, it’s paper. If only two fingers are tight, it’s scissors.
  • Paper is used the least, only in 29.6% of cases. Scissors are used more frequently — in 35% of cases. For the rock, it’s 35.4%. Use the element of surprise.

Good luck!