Overweight Couple Decides They Need To Change. A Year Later, They’re 300 Pounds Lighter


When Lexi Reed was just 25 years old, she tipped the scales at almost 500 pounds.

She says that she was living an unhealthy lifestyle, but knew she needed a change. There were many things that she wanted to do but couldn’t because of her weight, like ride a rollercoaster, shop outside the plus-size section, and wear clothes she wanted to wear.

But most importantly, she needed to lose the weight to save her life.

On January 1, 2016, Lexi and her husband decided to make the leap and join a gym. They started working out and eating right. Lexi documented her progress on social media.

Now, it’s been a year since their journey to better health began. Combined, they’ve lost a total of 300 pounds. Lexi has shed 230 of those pounds!

Lexi continues to share details about her new lifestyle with her friends and fans. After sharing her story, she had no idea so many people would follow her progress. But she receives tons of messages from strangers who tell her that she has encouraged them to go to the gym or start eating right.

With determination and hard work, both Lexi and her husband are sure to see the results they desire in no time!

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