Owner Tired Of Rude Customers, Decides To Teach Them A Lesson With Genius Sign


Let’s take a minute to be completely honest here; I personally don’t like it when people are rude to me. Yet sometimes, when I’m at the store or something, I don’t realize that I don’t always say please or thank you, and then I come across as rude myself. But the people, such as the cashiers or baristas/waitresses at restaurants do notice. And this owner has finally had enough of rude customers and has decided to put an end to it.

Roanoke coffee shop owner Austin Simms was sick and tired of rude customers and decided to put a sign in front of his shop, one that has gotten a lot of attention and has gone viral.

“I decided because I need to solve all of the injustices of the world to start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter,” said Simms.

So the sign in front of the shop reads, “ ‘Small coffee’ $5; ‘Small coffee, please’ $3; ‘Hello, I’d like one small coffee please’ $1.75.”

He was expecting it to make some sort of impact, but not this much on one! Pics of his sign have gone viral and has gotten responses such as, “Good for him. People need to start using their manners more nowadays. People have forgotten that if you use your manners, you will get what you give,” and plenty more.

Many others have decided to start doing the same for their shops and posting similar signs. People need to start realizing the importance of being kind to one another, even if they are just strangers and people you won’t ever see again. It may seem silly, but manners and kindness go a long way.

He wasn’t trying to become famous, just a little funny-with a hint of seriousness. Austin has brought up a wonderful point in a terrific way.

People lack simple manners, and it is not okay. Everyone deserves to be treated with the respect and kindness that they want in return. And I think that this generation has a lot to learn from this.
“I don’t get people. Kindness is awesome, loving, genuinely caring…that’s life to me. Without kindness, there is nothing. And as a bonus, it always always comes back to you,” commented Nan Patti Gregory on the photo of the sign, and she is so right!

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