People Are Furious After Noticing Mess On The Floor In Background Of Girl’s Beautiful Sel


Alyssa Bordelon didn’t think twice about sharing the selfie she snapped while wearing a gorgeous dress. Wanting to show off how great she looked, Alyssa took a quick picture and posted it on Twitter.

Nobody can deny that she looks stunning in the sparkly black dress, but a lot of people weren’t able to focus on her dress for one reason: her room is a huge mess.

Other than the patch of floor she’s standing on, Alyssa’s floor is completely covered. There are shoes, clothes, food wrappers, tissues, and tons of makeup splayed across the floor.

Although we’ve all had housework get away from us, people called out Alyssa on her messy room.

“Good lord look at that room. I pray for whoever marries you,” one person wrote.

“I’m just curious how her room looks so nasty but she’s so well put together,” wrote another.


Some people mentioned that her room is almost like a game of “I spy.” 2

Her room may be messy, but a lot of people agreed that their rooms have looked like that at one time or another. 3

Alyssa posted another picture featuring her messy room, proving that the mess doesn’t upset her too much. 4

But like one of the commenters mentioned, Alyssa is pretty well put together when it comes to her appearance. 5

Her makeup always looks stellar and she wears some pretty spectacular outfits. 6

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