Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rap battle in intimidating new superbowl commercial


It’s a Song of Ice and Fire in a new commercial for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice! Peter Dinklage, who portrays the beloved character Tyrion in the HBO show Game of Thrones, and Morgan Freeman, actor extraordinaire, engage in a fierce rap battle that is guaranteed to make you say «WHOA!»

The video starts with Peter Dinklage taking a bite from a Doritos Blaze chip before the entire room lights up with fire. It’s the perfect backdrop to his rap cover of Busta Rhymes’ new hit, a fast-paced song that packs a lot of power. Dinklage struts towards the camera as fire spits all around him, and his intimidating gaze never loses contact. This may be the most terrifying he’s ever looked!

The commercial then switches to Morgan Freeman’s version for Mountain Dew Ice, and he’s standing in, you guessed it, a freezing icy room.

Freeman takes a big swig from his Mountain Dew and jumps right into his cover of Missy Elliott’s «Get Ur Freak On.» Ice shatters all around him and he hovers his hand over roses to show that he has the power to freeze anything he comes into contact with. It’s too cool for words!

Watch the epic commercial below!

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