Polish Discus Throw Silver Medalist Helps 4-Year-Old Boy For His Cancer


There are many disadvantages of social media such as scandals and spending too much time but it enables us to connect with the people from all over the world.
Especially, the best thing about social media is that we can spread the good wills as quickly as we can.

Here is another heartwarming story of a three-year-old boy from Poland.

Olek Szymanski is a three-year-old Polish boy who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is a rare eye cancer so there is only one doctor in the world who can treat this cancer. The doctor was based in New York but his family didn’t have enough money to travel to New York from Poland.

Olek’s story quickly spread through the internet.

When Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski heard the news, it was right after he got the silver medal in the Rio Summer Olympics. As he learned the family’s financial concerns, he decided to auction his medal and donate the money for Olek.

Malachowski said, “Winning an Olympic medal is one of an athlete’s life dreams. Of course, the most precious is gold. I did everything in my power to get it. Unfortunately this time I did not succeed. However, fate gave me a chance to increase the value of my ‘silver.’”
Even though he was disappointed in his silver, he made it more valuable by using it in a valuable way.

While a third of the funding for Olek was raised by a Polish foundation called Siepomaga, there was still 126,000 dollars left for the completion of the treatment.

The dream of Olek’s family came true when another Polish couple Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk bought Malachowski’s silver medal. After the couple saw the medal on social media, they didn’t miss the chance.

“We were able to demonstrate that together we can make miracles,” said Malachowski. “My silver medal is today worth much more than it was just a week ago. It is worth the life and health of little Olek. This is our great, shared success.”

Malachowski didn’t know Olek or his family but he merrily donated his precious medal for him and the boy could have an opportunity for the treatment.

This is definitely a selfless act of Piotr Malachowski.
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