Pregnant Mom’s Belly Kept Growing, So She Goes To See Doctor. He Checks Sonogram And Gasps


Ever since the wedding, Chloe and Rohan Dunstan had one dream: to have a big and happy family. And just few years later, with three amazing little boys aged 1,2, and 3, it seemed as though their dream had finally come true.

Although they were extremely happy, Chloe and Rohan weren’t entirely satisfied just yet. They always wanted a baby girl, and they believed that having another child would make everything perfect.
So they tried again, and thankfully, Chloe got pregnant.

But, as they were getting ready to welcome their baby girl into the world, Chloe started to see how this time was different from when she was pregnant with the boys. Chloe’s belly started to grow faster, and bigger. In addition, Chloe’s hormones were extremely high. It just didn’t seem normal, so the Dunstans began to worry about the baby.

So, they went to the hospital to get checked, just to make sure their baby is ok. Little did they know that they would hear the most shocking news from the ultrasound technician.

Here’s what Chloe wrote after she came back from the hospital, which went viral online.

“We went into the ultrasound and the tech started the scan… I was looking at the screen and I was pretty sure I could see two sacs. But I just thought ‘no way.’
After a little bit of scanning she finally said to us, ‘I’ll tell you what I can see. I see one baby over there,’ and then she quickly moved the wand over and said,

‘.. and another baby over here.’

I started crying and shaking. I said, ‘do you mean like, twins?!’
I couldn’t believe it at all. I looked at Ro and he just looked like he had no idea what was happening.
Then she moved the wand to show us something between the two babies [that] she had already shown us. She said, ‘and there’s a third one!’
Yes, the Dunstans weren’t just having twins.
Not one, not two, but Chloe and Rohan were going to have triplets. Just minutes ago, they were picturing a happy family of six. Then, the Dunstans were being told that they were going to be a family of eight.

But before Chloe and Rohan could fully comprehend this new information about her pregnancy, the doctor came in with some bad news. He said that two of the three babies were in perfect health, but the third one was struggling. He said that there was a large chance that the third baby would not survive the pregnancy.

Then, the doctor told Chloe and Rohan that they had two options. Either they could take the risk and keep the third baby, or terminate the weaker one.

Although the doctor advised the Dunstans to take some time before making a decision, Chloe and Rohan both knew what to do right away.
They wanted to keep all three of their babies.
So this amazing couple decided to give birth to all three babies prematurely, so that the third child could have his or her chance at life.
At 28 weeks, Chloe gave birth to Henry, Rufus, and Pearl. Henry weighed 1370 grams, Rufus 1200 grams, and Pearl only weighed about 690 grams.
That means Pearl was only about 24 ounces when she was born.
Pearl also had a PDA in her heart that closed on its own, a minor brain bleed, and a pulmonary hemorrhage. Even so, she fought hard for the next 11 weeks, and miraculously recovered.

“I feel guilty for having the boys delivered when they were growing so well in the womb,” said Chloe during her interview with the Daily Mail.

“But Pearl would have died if we didn’t deliver early, so I will never regret that,” added Chloe.
“At this point I can’t say exactly what the future holds, but all three babies are strong and healthy with no known issues. Pearl is still on a bunch of medication, mostly just extra vitamins, and all three babies have various appointments in the next few months.”

The Dunstans were finally able to bring their babies home.


Even though having triplets were definitely not what Chloe and Rufus had planned originally, they are thrilled to see what the future holds for the family.

I’m so glad that all three babies are healthy now! Let’s just hope that Pearl gets off all the medication soon!