Pregnant Pit Bull Was Dumped In A High Kill Shelter, And My Heart Wasn’t Prepared For What Followed…


This is yet another story of an abandoned dog. There are just too many of the poor creatures out there, and none of them could possibly deserve such fate. Whoever abandoned this beautiful Pit Bull didn’t abandon just one dog, but eight of them. The unfortunate doggie was pregnant, and gave birth to seven puppies in the shelter, on Thanksgiving! This, however, was not an ordinary shelter, it was LA County High Kill shelter.

Fortunately, Molly the Pit Bull and her babies were rescued by a wonderful lady who took great care of them! The lady and her other rescue dogs provided all the love and kindness that Molly’s family could wish for! Their first outing took place on Christmas morning, and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

As time went by, one by one, they were all adopted! Fortunately, they were adopted by wonderful, loving families and they are all living very happy and healthy lives now!

One day the owners organized a family reunion! Watch the video to see their reaction!