Put These 5 Plants in Your Bedroom and Never Suffer from Insomnia Again!


There are over 70 different types of sleep disorders and about 40 million people in the US suffer from chronic long-term sleeping problems. Insomnia is no joke, and sometimes all it takes is a little help from nature.

Check out these wonders of nature! These 5 incredible plants can help you relax and relieve anxiety, to help you sleep through the night. They release fresh oxygen which helps improve the air quality. Put your mind at ease by placing these plants in your bedroom! Sleep well!

1. Lavender


Scientists have known for centuries that lavender helps reduce anxiety and stress. It can even slow down your heart rate. Sprinkling lavender oil on your pillows can help calm you down or putting a pot of lavender in your room! Sweet dreams!

2. Aloe Vera


According to recent studies, aloe vera releases a large amount of oxygen at night. This improves the air quality in your bedroom and make breathing easier. Your body stays relaxed at night and you can fight those sleepless nights.
3. Snake Plant


This plant also releases a larger amount of oxygen during the night than during the day. This extra amount of fresh air helps your body calm down and rest more easily. This improves your room’s air quality and can make breathing easier on your body.

4. English Ivy


Ivy can soak up toxins in the air and turn it into healthy oxygen. Ivy grows fast and is very easy to maintain. English Ivy can actually reduce airborne mold by 94%! This wonderful plant will help you breathe easily and keep you relaxed throughout the night!
5. White Jasmine


Jasmine has a naturally fresh and wonderful scent which has a healing character that can help reduce anxiety. So not only will your room smell fabulous but you will sleep like an angel!

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