She Spread Ashes Of Her Dog, Then A Photo Revealed SOMETHING That Took Her Breath Away


The bond between pets and their humans is amazing. Unfortunately, the bond is lost, at least physically, when one of them passes away.

When Ashley Lang first saw her golden retriever, Wagner, it was love at first sight. Ashley realized right away that she and Wagner would have a very close bond.


in the park to hugging each other on cold winter nights, the bond between Ashley and Wagner was becoming stronger with each passing day.


For 12 years, Ashley and Wagner did everything together. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t capable of living as long as humans, and after 12 unbelievable years together, Wagner sadly died of old age. Ashley was heartbroken. Even though she knew this day would come, she couldn’t believe that it had really happened.

Ashley, however, wanted to celebrate the beautiful memories of her and Wagner instead of getting depressed: she decided to scatter the ashes of her friend at the park where they had spent so much time together.


On a day like any other, Ashley and a friend of hers went to the park. When she began to spread Wagner’s ashes, Ashley’s friend took a photo. Later when they took a look at the photo, they were left speechless.