She Was Wearing Makeup Every Day. Seeing Her Without It, Her Boyfriend Dumped Her


Sophia Ridlington from UK shares the shocking truth about her disease. The girl of 22 suffers from psoriasis. Her body is covered in scaly red spots, with papulas on her face being the most annoying.

Like any girl, Sophia wants to be beautiful. But her skin is itchy and crackly, which causes pain in addition to cosmetic drawbacks. However, Sophia has found the way to deal with her condition and mastered the art of makeup.


“My skin often crackles and bleeds, causing terrible pain. I learned to conseal my imperfections with makeup and I like it”, the girl admits.


When Sophia is wearin makeup, no one suspects anything wrong. But the girl wants to make the people understand that seeing is not always believing.
“My boyfriend didn’t appreciate who I were. He knew that I had a problem, but when he saw me without makeup, he dumped me”, the girl confesses.

“I always have to wear long sleeves and trousers when I go out. I don’t like to notice other people staring at me because I am different”, Sophia says.


Presently, the girls is studying cosmetology and wants to become a pro makeup artist. She managed to accept and love her body with all its drawbacks. She is confident and doesn’t afraid to share her photos no-makeup photos in social media.


“I want to inspire people with the same problems as me, to make them feel more comfortable. I like it, when people support me and ask how could I have so much courage to accept myself”

Maybe, we should broaden our beauty standarts and accept the thing, that people are different, which is wonderful. Don’t be too critical to yourself and others.