Some Reasons Why Phone Battery Goes Flat Too Soon


Today’s smartphones are more than just means of communication. We also use them to surf in the Internet, watch videos, read news and play games. No wonder, it is so frustrating, when the smartphone battery goes flat. But more often than not, it is the result of battery misuse.

Here are some reasons why your phone battery runs down too soon.

1. You charge your smartphone to 100%

It is believed that a phone should be fully charged. According to experts, it is better to maintain the charge level between 30 and 80%, with periodic short recharges.

2. You let your phone discharge completely

This habit kills the battery. It is better to recharge it before the low battery message. The phone should be completely discharged only once in two months to calibrate the battery.


3. You let the battery overheat

Smartphone batteries react very negatively to high temperatures. Their optimal temperature range is between 1 and 35°C.
4. You use wireless charger too often

Wireless chargers can cause battery overheat too.


5. You charge your phone with the case still on

When your smartphone becomes warm while charging, the case won’t let the heat out and cause the battery overheat.

6. You store your spare phone uncharged

Many people have a spare phone in case their first phone goes flat. Remember, that the spare phone will run down soon too, if you don’t keep it half-charged, at least.


7. You use the unsuitable charging cable

Each phone model has its own charging cable. Sometimes, cables of other brands may overcharge or undercharge smartphone batteries.