Son Has Never Spoken A Single Word, Then Dad Starts Playing ‘Hallelujah’


This judge doesn’t let things slide! Alyssa Morrow from Painesville, Ohio, learned a hard lesson when she left her dog, Moose, alone and trapped inside her house for a week.


The poor dog was dehydrated, hungry, and completely terrified when rescuers found him. Alyssa took the blame, but said, «it was only one week.»



When Judge Michael Cicconetti read about the squalor the dog was found in, he said it made him feel sick. But he is famous for his creative and appropriate punishments and he had just the right sentence in mind. He taught Alyssa a hard lesson.


Here you can watch the entire story on video:

This judge definitely has a unique approach! He knows exactly how to show people the error of their ways. Moose now has a foster family who care for him and love him. And it’s safe to say that Alyssa will never treat another animal poorly ever again.