Teen Hasn’t Seen Military Dad. The Moment He Surprises Her Has Gone Viral With 28 Million Views


Nothing is more precious than the time we spend with our families. This teenaged girl understands that better than most people her age. When she finally got a chance to see her father again after seven long months, her heart completely melted.

Kendall Williams is a freshman in high school. This year she achieved an incredible accomplishment by earning a spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. There was no one Kendall wanted to share the news with more than her dad, but he just wasn’t around. That’s when this girl learned the pain of being separated from your family.

Kendall’s father, Dale, had been stationed at Guantanamo Bay for the better part of a year, and he missed the beginning of his daughter’s high school life. Dale served as a petty officer; while Kendall was proud of her father’s success, all she really wanted was for him to see her cheer.

When Dale got news that he would be able to visit his family soon, he planned a fantastic surprise for his daughter. He worked with the school to announce his homecoming at a home football game. The young cheerleader could not have been more shocked.

Dale hid behind the color guard at one edge of the football field at Erwin High School. Kendall stood in front of him on the grass, facing away from him. As some students marched the flags onto the middle of the field, the girl noticed a soldier standing behind her in full uniform. She thought he looked familiar but didn’t recognize the face. Then came the surprise of a lifetime.
The announcer stated that the school would like to recognize Dale Williams. Kendall knew the announcement was for her father, but she later explained that she thought it was only a tribute to the man. What she didn’t realize was that Dale was walking up to her right at that moment.

The soldier called out his daughter’s name, and Kendall went into complete shock. She gasped as she wrapped her arms tightly around her father. It meant the world to Kendal that she was able to spend time with her dad again, even if it would only be for a short while.
The two stood together proudly during the national anthem, then locked together again in a warm embrace. Once they had made their way off the field, Kendall described to a friend how hard it had been to miss her dad for so long. She was so grateful for the time they were able to spend together.

This heartwarming moment reminds us how fortunate we are to share our lives with our loved ones. Kendall’s story encourages us to cherish each moment we have with the people we care about.

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