Teen Is Humiliated For Her Signature Dress At Prom, So She Writes An Open Letter On Facebook


Micaela Duran, a senior at a high school in Utah, knew exactly what she wanted to wear to her very last high school dance. The floral, summery dress is floor-length and admittedly low-cut, but the school staff had seen the 18-year-old wearing it several times before.

It was the same signature dress that always made Micaela feel beautiful. It was the same dress she wore on-stage during an honors assembly attended by her classmates and teachers just weeks prior. And since she was “royalty” for senior cotillion, it was the same dress she donned in photos displayed around the school in the weeks leading up to the big dance.

There had never been an issue with the dress before.

But when Micaela walked into the cotillion, the principal immediately stopped her and told her she was violating the dress code. Micaela says she was so humiliated that she decided to go home, missing out on the night completely.

A spokesman for the school district said the principal took note of the dress at the school assembly and asked advisers to tell Micaela it violated the school’s dress code — but that never happened.

Now, the frustrated young woman is going public with her story and took to Facebook to explain the situation. “I felt like I should have been allowed in because it was their mistake and not mine,” she said.

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