Test Your Attention: Can You Find What’s Wrong In This Picture?


There are a lot of optical illusions online that really tested our minds as well as our eyes. These illusions are good activities to give our minds some needed exercise.

This image is one of those optical illusions that were made to test your eyes and how you perceive things.When you finally discover what’s wrong in the picture, you will begin to question your sense of sight as well as your mental processes.

To solve this puzzle, all you need to do is to follow the direction indicated in the picture itself. You just need to find what’s wrong in the photo just by using your eyes. I have been geeking around some illusions like this for a while, and it took me 5 seconds flat to find the error. How about you? Though I have also included the answer, it’s better if you take time to see if you can figure out what’s wrong.

Take a look at this image:


Were you able to find the problem? Not yet? Then, let me help you.


Yup. It’s that easy. The word “the” was repeated. It’s just that your brain was not able to process it as you will tend to focus on the word mistake as well as the numbers and the corresponding colors. Your brain will not read the second the and will just glide over it. Amazing? Yeah. Check the original photo and be mind-blown.