The 6 very real pains only mums of LEGO lovers will know


Lego supplies are reportedly running out, just before Christmas no less, and to many, this might seem like terrible news. So is it wrong that we’re secretly celebrating?

Don’t get us wrong — we totally get the appeal of those innocent little interlocking plastic bricks which make mini-architects out of your little monsters. The game which gloriously finds you five minutes peace, simply by emptying the box onto the carpet. It’s great — it really is — and we’re in no way doubting that it’s one of the best kids toys out there.
But there are a few, just a few niggly little moments that as mums of kids who love it, moments where it drives us INSANE.

Here they are.

1. When your kid asks you to separate this

Even when you’ve got one of those brick seperator tools, only wizard parents get these blighters apart on the first try.

2. The unbridled enthusiasm on your child’s face when they get their LEGO set

Oh, the kicking and screaming that ensues when it just looks like a bunch of bricks and absolutely nothing like the picture (and the amount of times you have to bite your tongue before telling them you’d like to see them do better).

3. It does this to our kids’ bedrooms (and attitudes):


There is no greater power than a child with a tub of Lego and a strop that will not quit.



You’ve found them in the glove box, in the toaster, up your child’s nose… the list goes on.

5. They lose one piece, and it renders the whole project unbuildable.


But they’ll still never let you give the kit away, because ‘I NEED it mummy!’