The Flu Has Officially Become An Epidemic In The USA: CDC Warns About Most Common Symptoms


According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half of the regions in the United States have reported high flu activity within the first week of the year. As a result, the CDC is now officially calling the flu an epidemic.
Towards the end of 2017, 7 percent of the deaths that occurred were due to pneumonia and influenza. This was according to the data made available by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in January. So far, 20 influenza-related deaths have been recorded during the flu season.

In a post shared by the CDC on their Facebook page, a majority of flu illness during this season was caused by influenza A H3N2 viruses. This was what made this particular season so much wore than others leading to a higher rate of hospitalizations and deaths.

The majority of flu illness so far this season has been caused by influenza A H3N2 viruses. When influenza A H3N2…

Posted by CDC on Samstag, 13. Januar 2018

The CDC, in the post, also advised those who were sick and had flu symptoms to be treated with the flu antiviral drug as there is a risk for complications otherwise. This form of treatment, they say, may mean you only have to experience a milder illness than a more serious one that may require a hospital admission.
The CDC also reminded everyone that no one, even those who consider themselves very healthy, is immune from the flu. However, there are people who may have a higher risk of developing serious complications from the illness.

Those who are 65 years or older, those who have chronic medical conditions like asthma and diabetes, pregnant women and young children are more likely to suffer flu-related complications.


If you notice some or all of the flu symptoms below, you should get yourself checked out:

  • Fever
  • Cough/sore throat
  • Runny/ stuffy nose
  • Muscle and body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea (more common in children)

It is very important that we look out for ourselves and for others during times like this.