These 17 women show half their faces makeup-free. It’s hard to believe what makeup can fix!


For many women, applying makeup is an unskippable part of their daily routine. Others wouldn’t dream of spending so much time on their vanity and go for a completely natural look. The following 17 women have given us the chance to really compare: half of their faces are completely natural and the other half given the full treatment. Which is the most beautiful — all natural or caked on to the max — is probably a question of individual taste.

Inspired to do my own #thepowerofmakeup picture after watching Nikkie's makeup video on #thepowerofmakeup so awesome for Nikkie to step up and let everyone know there is no shame in wearing makeup. My reason I wear #makeup is because it's fun!! And I like #art and #beauty so I can create any look I want with #eyemakeup #contouring #strobing #eyebrows you name it! It's #freedom of #expression through makeup ! No right or wrong way to wear it just enjoy wearing it!! … not to name anyone but someone once told me I look like my dad without makeup ? .. I was all like " ahh you saying I look like .. A guy… " of course they weren't ? but it was #funny !!! My dad is a good looking guy then right? On the other hand .. That might have been a little odd if they told me I looked like my dad with all that makeup on .. Ahh I will never forgot that !! Bahahah.. Again I wear makeup because it's #fun be #creative #expressyourself !! #beforeandafter #amazing #transformation #nikkietutorials #halfface #natural @eonline @itcosmetics #empowerwomen #transformation @tyrabanks this would be a fun idea for a photo shoot for ANTM ?

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Messing around on my day off #thepowerofmakeup

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Con o sin maquillaje siempre hay q sentirse hermosa. ??????#thepowerofmakeup #makeup #inlovemakeup #peruvianmakeupartist

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Power of make up или не доверяйте никому ,особенно девушкам в наше-то время ?? но не сказала бы ,что кардинально что-то изменила , я сторонник макияжа ,который лишь подчеркивает достоинства и скрывает недостатки ,не меняя человека до неузнаваемости ,хотя был ,знаете ли ,сегодня такой соблазн , для более очевидной разницы ? и почему телефон так безобразно тянет лицо !? #визажистиркутск #макияжиркутск #бровииркутск #иркутск #powerofmakeup #thepowerofmakeup

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Im beautiful either way #thepowerofmakeup

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Makeup is some pretty powerful stuff. For women who have problem skin and use makeup to be able to feel better about their appearance, it’s not something they’d likely give up. Nonetheless, it’s a shame when for some the reliance on makeup is so extreme that they don’t want to leave the house without looking like they’re actually wearing a mask. Perhaps there’s a happy medium to be found here? What kind of look do you prefer?