These Sleepy Baby Otters Are About To Make Your Day


What is your favorite baby animal?

Some people are wooed by kittens or puppies, maybe because they are often the most accessible baby animals for people, and therefore the most cuddly.

Still, there are many other baby animals out there, and so, so many of them are absolutely adorable! We just have to admire most of them from afar, as we don’t want to disturb the wildlife. I know, it’s incredibly hard to resist at times, but we must!

These baby otters are a perfect example. They are all so cute, it’s hard to contain yourself when looking at their sweet faces. They’re such snuggly, happy little creatures that it’s impossible not to love them!

Have you ever seen anything so sweet before? Do you know anyone who’s absolutely in love with everything having to do with otters? If only we were all so lucky as the handlers at zoos who get to see them up close!

«A baby otter stole my friend’s keys.»
What a busy mama!
Everyone deserves kisses.

That face is absolutely irresistible.
These little ones are ready for a nap!
They’re so small!

He just heard all the aahing over his cuteness.
I think it’s the little hands that get me. So cute!
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