They Stole Their Car And Threw The Baby Out Of The Window. The Parents Couldn’t Believe It!


Just thinking about losing your baby is one of the most shocking things that can happen to a parent… actually losing them is unimaginable. Perhaps there is no greater pain. And that’s what Matheo’s parents went through when a couple of adolescent thieves stole their car and threw the baby out of the window.


Matheo, just 4 months old, was with his mom going for a drive when two young men, no older than 18, approached the car. They threatened the mother with a gun and got her out of the car. She tried to take her baby that was in the child seat in the back. But they wouldn’t let her, they started the car, and after going a few meters, their mom saw them throw the baby out of the window, onto the road. 2

The mother couldn’t believe it. Terrified, she approached her little son and realized it was a miracle: Matheo was still alive! And not only alive, he hadn’t suffered any serious injury. The parents were speechless, only managing tears of helplessness, with the hurt of knowing that they could have lost their baby, but happy and grateful to still be together and knowing that everything would be okay.