They Were Left Homeless When Their Owner Died, Waited Outside For Him Day After Day


A year and a half ago, Fred, Ricky and Ethel’s owner passed away. Sadly, there were no arrangements made for the three dogs, so they were forced to live on the streets and fend for themselves.

Finally, someone saw them and alerted Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization. They came to the scene right away to look for the dogs. The first one they captured was Fred. Ricky and Ethel weren’t with him, but were seen at a nearby mini-mall looking for food. They finally found them and lured them in with more food.

The dogs were extremely scared and trying to break free of the snares. Since rescuers were afraid that they’d chew through them and escape into traffic, they rushed them to their car.

The brothers are actually extremely friendly and sweet! They are now all safe and doing well.

This story is a good example as to why you should always remember to include your pets in your will or living trust to ensure they have a loving place to go to and don’t end up alone on the streets like these guys!

Watch their rescue in the video below: