This Adorable Husky Has an Equally Adorable Morning Routine


We all love our pets dearly, no matter what it is – a dog, cat, goldfish, lizard, turtle, or maybe even a lion!

In this case, this owner has this adorable Husky that was recently given a bed. It’s clear from this video that she absolutely having the best time of her life rolling around in the bed cushion and playing tug of war all by herself!

Almost like a little kid, this puppy has an incredible imagination and has fun every single second, even though she’s all alone! She jumps up, bites, tugs, growls, and just generally enjoys herself.

Her enthusiasm and happiness is too cute! Young pets, especially puppies like this Husky, have a youthful energy and are constantly hyper and seem like they have all the energy in the world! (Except when they’re napping, of course.)

This adorable Husky is direct proof of that! Her positive-only vibes and enthusiastic charm will win you over and put a smile on your face to brighten up your day that much more!

The best way to start off a productive day is to make a nice, neat, bed, and you can bet that Shira the Siberian Husky will do her best every morning on her brand new bed that she clearly really enjoys!

This video is just cuteness overload! I think Huskies are one of the cutest dog breeds ever, although they can be stubborn sometimes! Watch the video below and make sure to share it with your friends and family to brighten up their day!