This Boy Approached A Car To Beg, But Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears When He Looked Inside


Many people think that homeless or poor people just complain or wait for others to take pity on them. However, there are many of the poor are more generous than many people who are surrounded by riches.

John Thuo is one of those people. This boy is one of many abandoned, homeless children who have to beg to survive, in Nairobi, Kenya, something very common there. The majority of people there look down upon them, dismissing them as thieves. But John demonstrated that not only is he not a thief, but that he also has a big heart. When he was begging to a very special someone, both of their lives changed forever.

1hn is homeless and survives from what others give him at traffic lights. When the cars stop at a red light, the children approach the open windows, trying to convince whoever is inside to give them some change. One day, he came across Gladys Kamande, who was inside one of the cars.

2ered inside the window, he saw that Gladys carried a series of machines to help her breathe. Gladys’ lungs had collapsed and she needs to carry oxygen cylinders, an oxygen concentrator and a generator with her to survive. John was shocked when he saw the oxygen tank and generator, never having seen anything like it. But that wasn’t all: Gladys, 32 years old, had gone through 12 surgeries, one of which severed her optic nerve, leaving her blind.

But that’s not the end of it. A bystander who saw the boy’s gesture, took a photo that went viral and a miracle happened. In just 4 days, moved by Gladys’ story and her special bond with John, thousands of people donated 8 million shillings (about 80,000 dollars) with which Gladys can afford treatment in India. Also, their lives were joined forever when she decided to adopt John to take him off the streets and put him in school. For him, Gladys has become the mother he never had.

What a beautiful story, right?

In spite of the hard life for kids living on the street, many never lose their kindness or their innocence, just like any other child, and that’s definitely something to admire. Share this story with your friends and let them know about John, Gladys, and their beautiful relationship.