This cage hanging from the window is this baby’s bed. Here are 16 disturbing and scary pictures from the past.


We’ve all wondered what it would have been like to be born in a different era, back when life was simple. But judging by these 16 photos, it looks like those «good old days» were actually kind of weird and in some cases outright scary. When you check them out, you’ll probably agree that we’re better off right where (and when) we are…

1. People used these «baby cages» so infants could sleep in the open air on top of New York skyscrapers. 1930.


2. A very ergonomic portable television. 1967.


3. One of the earliest examples of reconstructive surgery performed on a WWI veteran who suffered extensive facial wounds.


4. Who needs a horse when you have a pig? 1912.


5. What on earth did the second man feel when this was fired? This gun was banned in 1860.


6. Long before the age of the smartphone, the phone lines had to be physically connected. 1890.


7. 1922: A woman is arrested in Chicago because her swimsuit doesn’t cover her legs.

16. A bit crowded maybe? This is the boat that brought American soldiers back to New York in 1945, after the WWII victory.


So do you still think it would be fun to live in the «good old days?»