This Dolphin Just Cannot Stop Laughing When A Girl Does This


Normally, in an aquarium, dolphins are usually the ones providing the entertainment so we have to imagine that it can get really dull for the adorable creatures.

A young girl named Bonnie Anna Kerlin decided to bring some excitement into a dolphin’s day by performing some gymnastics.

Kerlin was doing cartwheels in front of an aquarium when she caught the curious mammal’s attention. The dolphin chuckled over and over again as Kerlin continued to perform. It was such a powerful moment that reminded us that animals need entertainment and attention too.

This little guy looked downright smitten as he watched the girl go on and on.

The video has gotten viral since it was published. It now has about 6.5 million views on Youtube and many were simply awed at how delighted the dolphin looked as the girl performed.

As usual, commenters are interested in coming up with their own theory for what the dolphin must be thinking.
One hilarious user said, “You guys, one of the hairless monkeys is doing something interesting for once! You’re missing out!”

Another one said, “He’s thinking; ‘why is that human doing gymnastics at an aquarium?’ The other dolphins are like don’t encourage her she just trying to steal our moment in the spotlight.”

Sure makes it more interesting watching the video from these perspectives.