This Granny Is 105 And For A Century She Wished To Meet A Handsome Firefighter. It’s Done!


vena Smailes better known as “Aunt Ivy” knows exactly what she wants. The woman made the only wish for her birthday — she wanted a “hot fireman with tattoos” to bring her a birthday cake. And she didn‘t care it was her 105th birthday.

Well, actually she didn‘t really expect this dream would ever come true, but her loving family did everything they could to fulfill her challenging wish. They called local Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, and asked them to help. The firefighters said they would be happy to accomplish the granny‘s request.

The big surprise was captured on video. One fireman climbed through her third floor window and presented her with a beautiful cake! Then, the entire crew came in to greet Aunt Ivy for her birthday! Watch her priceless reaction in the video below — it is hilarious!