This mother can’t go anywhere without getting stunned stares — and that with good reason too


Anyone who sees the Carles family has to take a second look. And then rub their eyes again just to make sure they are seeing right. The daughters in this family are not just identical twins or triplets, they are the only identical quadruplets in the whole of England. What’s more astonishing is that these four sisters are only the world’s 27th set of conceived identical quadruplets. The birth was understandably no walk in the park. The siblings were all born prematurely by C-section. Any other kind of birth would have been far too risky for the mother, Julie, and her children.

Posted by Julie Carles on Sonntag, 18. September 2016

The four girls all came from one embryo which split into four, and are monochorionic, which means they shared the same placenta. They have since spent their entire lives sharing everything, be it birthdays, doctor’s visits, first day of school and so on.


The girls, who have since turned 11, had a difficult start in life, especially Holly and Jessica. Because all four siblings had to share one placenta, the two received less nutrients in the womb than Georgie and Ellie, which meant they had lower birth weights. But the girls soon caught up with their other sisters, and now it is almost impossible to tell them apart — especially when they dress the same. Julie even went so far as to paint their initials on their feet with a felt-tip pen to tell them apart.

During pregnancy, it was not clear whether all girls would be able to survive, or whether they would be born with a disability. Despite all the associated risks, Julie went ahead with it. And the outcome of it all — four beautiful girls, who have become a real sensation in the country. At the age of five, the girls set out on a new career together as models. Ellie, Georgie, Holly and Jessica were recruited by Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain store, to show off its school uniform range in a series of adverts. The mother-of-four was more than pleased, as her daughters went through such a huge mound of casual clothes. It was also a relief for her that the free uniforms, which the girls had tested out all summer, withstood the test of rigorous play, regular washing and ironing.

The chances of having identical quadruplets is an incredible one in 64 million. It’s no surprise that they have been turning heads since their parents took them out in the two double buggies. But despite their identical masses of curly hair and the fact that they are the spitting image of each other, their personalities differ considerably.

Each girl truly has a distinctly different character, making their parents tremendously proud of each and every one of them. No matter what state they get into!

Since the four siblings started trying out different styles, it has also became easier to tell them apart.


It really seems like an optical illusion when you glance at the four together. To see this special family’s full story, with all the highs and lows, you can watch the video below:

You can see that every single girl has her own very special personality. The four sisters are sure to experience many more exciting adventures together, but will also be just fine on their own. What a lovely little miracle — four for the price of one!