This Teen Lost His Mom And Had To Walk 10 Miles To Get A Job, But On His Way He Met Someone, Who Changed His Life!


How long will you go to change your life? What could stop you on your way to making everything better? Here’s a story of young man, whose dedication and persistence was hundred-fold returned.

Winter 2013 was hard on the citizens of Indianapolis casting snow and ice on the city. It was cold, slippery and stormy, but a determined teenage boy Jhaqueil Reagan kept walking on the side of the road. Unable to pay the bus, he footed to the local fast food, hoping to get a job there. Ahead was the uncertainty of an interview, behind was the lack of money, a coach in a friend’s house, 2 siblings to support and the death of the family’s only breadwinner, the mother who had passed away 2 years before. Harsh winter weather was nothing compared to his life issues as well as his tenacity and determination to survive no matter what it takes.

It was then when he came across a local restaurant owner Art Bouvier, asking him for the direction to his final destination. Art was astonished to see a boy on a road on such a nasty day. He was astonished even more, when he found out Jaqueil was going to make about 10 miles to the fast food. That is why Art decided to give the boy a ride in his car. When he heard Jhaqueil’s story, he knew exactly what to do. Watch what happened next in the video below.