To Find The Value Of C, We Recommend You First Find The Value Of A


You’re about to see an image of a new brain teaser we have to show you. We remind you that solving these kinds of challenges helps exercise our brain, memory, reflexes, observational ability, and our overall mental agility.

You have to find out the value of the letter C:

If you couldn’t solve it, we’ll show you the answer. We hope you didn’t cheat!

The first thing you have to do is divide 120 / 3 (A + A + A = 120) to obtain the value of A.

Knowing that A = 40, we can solve the first equation: D + A (40) = 50.

Now, we know that D = 10.

Finally, we must solve the third equation to find the value of C:

D (10) + C = 35

C = 25

Was it hard? Did you get the right answer?