Tourists Were Walking Down The Desert And Saw An Unusual Hole. What Was Inside Is Unbelievable


Nowadays modern technologies are quite developed. It concerns mostly all spheres of our life, including housing. We are used to comfortable conditions and environment where we live and think that everybody else live the same. But it is not true. When tourists were walking down the desert in Australia, they found a very unusual settlement.

What they found is called a Cobber Pedy town. On the surface, the place looks quite deserted. Someone may think that it is an abandoned town. But in reality, most of the people live underground. In fact, 3500 people reside below the surface.



It is rather reasonable. The area of Coober Pedy is very dry, and it is almost impossible not to live underground.

This town was established in 1915, following the discovery of opal. 95% of the world’s opal come from this area. People who were working in mines soon discovered that it is quite hard to live above the surface. The temperature was extremely high. So they decided to build caves and live underground.

By the way, you can find not only houses and hotels in Coober Pedy. There are also shops, restaurants, and even a church.screenshot_3







Of course, there are a lot of problems still existing. Lack of water and trees are one of them. But this example shows that people can adjust to any situation. All we have to do is work hard and never give up.