Two Boxes With Holes Appear Outside A Shelter. When They Peek Inside, Their Hearts Break


Rescuers encounter all sorts of strange situations on a daily basis.

Sometimes they’ll come across a stray wandering around the streets, and other times those strays will come to them.

This heartwarming story is an example of the latter circumstance…and it’ll melt your heart.

Margie Morris is the director of Project Purr Animal Rescue, a cat rescue facility in Alabama.

One morning, she went to open up the shop and found two cardboard boxes sitting outside the front doors.

The boxes had been shoddily taped and featured a lot of holes, which were evidently air holes.

Margie wasn’t sure what to expect, though, because there was no knowing who left the boxes or why.

Strange boxes left outside any public facility is always a little unsettling, too, so Margie proceeded with caution.


She carefully pried open the lid of the first box and peeked and inside and that’s when she saw its contents:

Two kittens and a mamma cat were sitting inside, looking up with those adorable “please help us” eyes.

The other box was unfortunately empty, though, and Margie theorizes it contained another cat that had escaped during the night.


Coincidentally, however, a cat was later spotted running around the parking lot of a nearby strip mall.

So Margie and three team volunteers set out to snag her and give her a new home:

As she told The Dodo:

“She was getting up in the car engines … and we couldn’t catch her.

It was pouring down rain. We tried to bribe her with food, but we just were unsuccessful.

We’re hoping that she’s still out there somewhere—we’ve been leaving food out, but we have not seen her.”

During the search, the rescued mother cat in the other box was named Caroline, while the kittens were named Shilo and Neil.


As the shelter continued to look for the missing cat, the mother cat that was rescued was named Caroline, while the kittens were named Shilo and Neil.

“We set up a little bed and a little kennel for her to keep them safe. We’re giving her extra cat food with vitamins,” Morris said.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Soon, everyone realized that the mamma cat was actually pregnant, and she would be delivering more kittens!


Then, the very next day, four brand new babies arrived.

As it turns out, Caroline was not the mother of the kittens (that’s the cat they’re still chasing around the strip mall), but she didn’t leave the other babies.

Finished Margie:

“I’m just grateful that she didn’t run away and leave the babies.

I think that might be the best thing I love about that cat—she did not leave those babies.

She’s the best mom ever.“