Use Flower Seed Bombs To Help Bring Back The Bee Population


In case you haven’t heard, the honeybee crisis is on the rise. But why all the buzz about little honeybees? The US produces over $15 billion a year in crops, many of which rely on bees for pollination. On average, beekeepers can expect to lose about 10-15% of their hive each year in the winter. However, that number has been increasing significantly, up to 90%.

According to the BBC, honeybees “have been hit with a host of diseases, losses of habitat, and in the US the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder has caused numbers to plummet.”

A few studies suggest that Neonicotinoid pesticides damage their brains, reducing their ability to learn and remember.


Thankfully, the company, Seedles, was founded to help the honeybee population. So what is a Seedle?


Seedles are rainbow bright balls of seed, compost, and clay. We’ve done the heavy lifting by designing Seedles to practically grow themselves. They add fun and vibrant colors to your neighborhood while benefitting local pollinators. All you have to do is throw them and grow them.


And because bees are native to different regions of the country, Seedles has helped take the guess work out for you. They’ve created wildflower packets for six different regions of the country. Simply visit their site, select your region, and they’ll ship you wildflowers native to your area.

These would be perfect for school and educational purposes, small boutique stores, and even as wedding favors.


To learn more, watch the Seedles short video below: