Without her puppies, mom was heartbroken, watch the heart-melting reunion!


Sidewalk Specials is an animal rescue center run by Rachel Sylvester. Back in the month of June 2016, she received a text message informing her that there were 7 puppies in South Africa that need assistance. Like in most cases, the owner was not ready to let the mother dog go, but was willing to give away the 7 puppies.

Since ticks and worms had already infested the puppies, Racheal thought the owner had done the right thing. She also knew soon or later the mother will be in the same condition, so she had to be prepared to rescue her.

It did not take long before the mother dog was given away by the owner and the reunion that took place was extraordinary. The mother must have thought that her puppies must have died and was more than happy to see them again.

As revealed by Rachel Sylvester, adoption days are run by Sidewalk at Cape Town Markets. When that happens, the rescued dogs wear Adopt Me jacket to help the process. The Center also has a strong Social media presence.

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