Woman come home to find Fiancé Left Cash piles all over floor with notes about unpaid bills


If they handed out awards for Fiancé Of The Year, this guy would certainly win.

In January 2018, a woman from Anderson, Indiana, arrived home from a night out with her girlfriends, only to be greeted by the best surprise ever. The unnamed uploader of the following video wanted to do something special for his fiancée’s birthday, especially since they hadn’t made a big deal over getting each other Christmas gifts this year.

But instead of buying her more jewelry or another handbag she didn’t need, he did her one better: by paying off a whole bunch of her old hospital bills, credit card bills and her car payments, which she had accumulated over a long and stressful time.

And to top it all off, his presentation was just as sweet… if not sweeter.

When she got back from celebrating with her friends, she saw a note hanging on the front door. “The most beautiful girl in the world shouldn’t have to pay bills… well at least not for a month or two. Happy birthday babe,” it read.

And with that, she entered her home to find the most romantic display of generosity leading her down the hallway.

“I had recorded it previously because I wanted to capture it before the dogs messed it up,” the romantic uploader noted.

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