Woman Shares Her Problems With A New Colleague. But He Turns Out To Be An Undercover Boss


Sometimes, it is necessary to let your troubles go by simply telling about them to another person. However, it‘s not always an easy thing to do. Many of us are private people or just don‘t want to burden someone else with problems. And some of us simply don‘t admit things are not going well.

But a sincere talk with another person can make your heart carefree. In addition, you never know who the person you are talking to really is.

Dianna, the heroine of this story, proves that opening up to a stranger may be a very good idea. The woman works as an administrator at a coffee and tea shop. Now she says that this shop saved her life.

Dianna didn‘t finish school and became addicted to drugs. Later, she recovered from drug use, but her life didn‘t become easier. She is a single mother of two sons, and she is constantly haunted by tragedies.

Not long ago, cancer killed her father. Now, she is fighting with liver cancer. Too much grief for one person. No one knew about her problems until one day she decided to tell everything to a new employee. She just couldn‘t hold it anymore and shared her story with the guy.

Dianna thought that she was talking to an ordinary worker, but, as it turned out, it was the company’s CEO — John Fuller, who took part in the television show “Undercover Boss”.

At the end of the shift, Fuller met Dianna and told her who he really was. The man showed astonishing compassion. He handed Dianne $ 20,000 to pay off her medical bills. He also promised to create a college fund for her sons — $ 20,000 for each.

He also encouraged Dianne to get a high school diploma. If Dianna succeeds, she will receive a reward of $ 10,000.

What a twist! It turns out, it’s extremely useful to Liked Video your problems!