You can now put your face on your suitcase to keep track of it


The INSIDER Summary:
UK-based retailer Firebox has created a custom-made suitcase cover that has your own face printed on it.
The «Head Case» cover fits perfectly over your existing luggage.
This is the easiest way to prevent mix-ups between bags that look exactly alike.
Prices range from $26 to $39 for a cover.

You’re guaranteed to never have a suitcase mix-up again — unless you have a twin.

One of the biggest problems with luggage design today is that they all look alike. No matter how unique you may think your suitcase is, there seems to always be someone else on your flight with the exact same one. And then chaos ensues when you accidentally grab the wrong bag.
Consider your problem solved… by your own face.

U.K.-based gifts retailer Firebox has created a custom-made, polyester, spandex suitcase cover that has your own high-resolution face printed on it. The Head Case luggage cover fits perfectly on your bag, and best of all, it will never be mistaken as anyone else’s.

According to Lonely Planet, Firebox’s MD Kristian Bromley came up with the idea when his own suitcase was accidentally taken by another passenger while he was on vacation. After talking about it with his coworkers, they decided a personalized suitcase would help keep mix-ups from happening again.

The cover comes in large, medium, and small to fix whatever type of bag you may have. All you have to do is upload a nice, large image. Find your best selfie, a great Instagram pic, or perhaps get your professional headshots taken. You are going to be showing this to the world, after all. Try not to scare anyone.

After you crop and preview your image, just send it off to Firebox and they’ll send you your cover. Be forewarned though, the quality of the product depends highly on the quality of your image, so be a stickler for pixel counts.


Prices range from $26 to $39 for their covers, which is a small price to pay for your stuff never being accidentally stolen. More information can be found on the company’s website.
Get ready for your close up.