You might think it’s crazy, but hanging a door like this is actually genius!


Doors are usually for one thing only: entering and exiting a room or a house. Once they’ve outlived this purpose or been replaced with a new door, they often get sent straight to the garbage! This is a real shame, because even the simplest door has a ton of DIY potential.
If you have an old door hiding in your garage waiting for you bring it to the dump, don’t get rid of it! Use it to make one of these awesome DIY projects instead.

1. Laundry folding table
You might do a double take if you walked into someone’s laundry room and saw this door hanging on the wall, but you’d think they were a genius as soon as you saw what it could do! My laundry room never seems to have enough counter space to fold clothes, and this table would solve that problem for good.
2. Hall tree
A nice hall tree can do wonders for your entryway, but they can be so expensive to buy new! Instead of saving up until you can afford one, grab an old door and make your own. Not only is it a fun project, but you can make sure it has as much storage as you need!

3. Coffee table with storage (h/t My Repurposed Life)
If you have an old door that’s been damaged on one end, this is the perfect way to reuse the half that’s still in good shape! I think coffee table storage is always useful, but if you don’t need it, you could just skip the hinges and have a regular coffee table.

4. Porch swing
Can you see yourself relaxing on this adorable swing after a long, busy day? I certainly can! The seat of this swing was made from an old table, but if you don’t have one, you could just as easily use wood from the hardware store.


5. Outdoor bar (h/t Finding Home Farms)
Outdoor bars are perfect for summer, and this one has more than enough space for all your drink making equipment! It’s also a fairly easy project to tackle, even if you’re a woodworking beginner.

6. Hanging table
This is such a cool twist on the traditional picnic table! Setting it up would be way easier than building a picnic table from scratch, so it would be great if just need some temporary outdoor seating. However, I wouldn’t mind having one in my yard all year round!

7. Illuminated photo display (h/t Redhead Can Decorate)
I’ve always loved photo walls, and this illuminated display is so eye-catching! It might be a bit tricky to find an old door with this many windows in it, but you could easily create a similar, smaller display with an old window.

8. Giant chalkboard (h/t Donation 2 Decor)
This might just be the perfect memo board! Not only does it have a chalkboard space for every day of the week, but all the chalkboards are magnetic so that you can hang any important papers up where they’re easy to see.

9. Corner shelf (h/t Craftaholics Anonymous)
This corner shelf almost looks like an optical illusion, but it’s really just a clever bit of woodworking! The shelves aren’t big enough to serve as useful storage, but it would be a great focal piece for almost any room.


10. Outdoor planter rack
If you’re not very comfortable working with power tools, this is the project for you. This planter was made to go outside, but it’s so cute that I think I’d almost want to keep it inside!

11. Entryway bench
Get rid of that old chair by your front door and replace it with this gorgeous entryway bench! I love how simple and elegant it is, and it doesn’t hurt that it has plenty of storage for jackets as well as a handy little drawer under the bench.

12. Bar with sliding door
What a cool way to keep your alcohol out of sight but still easily accessible! This bar was made with an old horse stall door, but you could recreate the project with almost any sort of drawer. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

13. Bookshelf (h/t Bulb To Blossom)
If cutting a door in half to create a corner shelf seems too difficult, you can get a similar look by simply attaching some shelves to the front of an old door. I especially love the built-in light at the top!

14. Nightstand (h/t Pretty Handy Girl)
Can you believe that this sweet little nightstand was made from an old door and a couple pieces of picket fencing? It brings a whole new meaning to «white picket fence»!

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