Young Man Is Sent Home For Wearing Shorts To Work, So He Gets Revenge By Returning In Pink Dress


With temperatures rising all over the world, people are exchanging wooly winter coats for swimsuits and shorts. There’s no harm in shedding a few layers — unless you’re at work, of course.

Offices usually require their employees to wear more formal attire, which means no shorts or other, more revealing clothing.

But one young man in Buckinghamshire, UK, decided that it was too hot to wear pants. Joey Barge, 20, got into a little trouble when he showed up to his office job in shorts. Afterward, he was sent home.

But he decided that the dress code wasn’t fair. If women could expose their legs in dresses in the summertime, why couldn’t men wear shorts to avoid overheating?

He came back to work the same day in a black-and-pink dress — and because it followed the office’s dress code, he was allowed to stay!

What do you think of Joey’s clever plan for revenge? Check out his pictures below!

Joey Barge, 20, works in an office with a strict dress code.
The office doesn’t allow informal clothing for men, including shorts. However, Joey decided that it was too hot to wear pants.

When he showed up in shorts, he was sent home to change.
Joey then decided to get revenge by wearing a black-and-pink dress to work. There was nothing his superiors could say!
Joey expected to be sent home because of his new outfit.

However, he wasn’t! He managed to stay for the rest of the working day, dress and all!

Soon after, the office management issued a memo about warm-weather clothing, and it seemed like they understood Joey’s statement about the unfair dress code.
The young man posted photos of the dress throughout the day and has gotten a ton of responses.

People have been very encouraging, even applauding his way of bringing attention to the “no shorts” policy in offices everywhere.

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