Your Hair Length Reveals Your Important Personality Traits… Discover Them Here!


1. Very short hair


You’re a very sociable, calm and mature person. It’s easy for you to make true friends and your intelligence stands out when it comes to problem solving. Your priority is comfort and good looks. You love your job and invest a lot of effort into doing it well. The only inconvenience is that because of this extra energy, you sometimes act without thinking things through.

2. “Bob” cut


People who prefer this type of cut are honest, simple and always tell the truth, as hard as it is to hear. They tend to maintain a good balance between their personal and professional life. They think quickly and love to try new things. They are comfortable with changes of looks. The bad thing is that changes of looks also indicate changes of mood. So, it’s not always easy to be around these people.

3. Medium length hair


You feel comfortable with your appearance and don’t let complications have power over you. You enjoy your personality and are able to hold very interesting conversations. You are elegant and people feel attracted to your natural and fresh beauty.

4. Long hair


Women with long hair tend to be romantic and dreamers. You are demanding when it comes to choosing your romances and sometimes a little critical. But when you really love, you give it everything. You like real, long-lasting relationships, just like your hair. You’re a very creative person, but often have too many ideas in your head. You need to be a little more organized. With your persistence, you’ll achieve great success in everything you set your mind to.