Your Heart Will Cry When You Hear How This Pup Reacts To The First Mercy Act It Sees From People!


This little doggy was abused severely throughout its short life. Finally it has been rescued and taken to the pet shelter. What it does when a person it trying to pet it, is heartbreaking!

By the reaction of the dog we understand it has never ever seen any kindness from people. When a woman comes into the cage and stretches her hand to pet the animal, it starts crying in despair. The doggy is terrified. All it has seen this far from human being was abuse and pain.

It reacts by screaming in terror and it takes a while for the animal to realize this person means no harm. This video made me cry! I got a lump in my throat and rushed to pet my dogs and show them even more love while there is time.

Luckily the sufferings for the doggy are over. In a short while it realizes that hands can feel so good, when they pet you and love you. Meeting several nice people the dog relaxes and even starts playing with them, having fun together.

Hopefully this video would move you to show love and kindness to your pets and to the stray ones as well. They know how to appreciate it!