10 Amazing Uses of Wax Paper Aside From Baking Purposes


We have officially designated a wax paper as a tool for baking. Aside from that, it normally sits around at home waiting to be used before dust piles over. Not many know its hidden use which makes this an all-around product. This post can teach you other ways on how to use a wax paper!

This is not just used for baking. A lot of practical use can also be attributed in this product.


Candle Cover


Candles provide a romantic or nostalgic scent and these are nice to have in a house as long as these do not bleed. Wrap unused ones using a wax paper.

Improvised Funnel


Wax papers also serve big help in case you want to make sweets or bread but do not want to have a sticky funnel after.

Protector of Garden Tools


To prevent rust over your favorite gardening tools, rub wax papers to it after you use those.

Door Jam Breaker


Ever countered doors which are too hard to open because they stick? Simply slide a sheet of wax paper along its edge to give it a slippery coating!

Faucet Polisher


Rubbing a wax paper in the faucets of your home will provide a thin coating to your fixtures and prevent water marks.

A Vacuum Cleaner Substitute


If you are already tired with minding the small dirt in your house, a wax paper attracts them all for your convenience!

Paint Catch Basin


Wax paper is cheap so it can be used to catch unwanted glue and paint drips. With this, you can make a dirt free painting project!

Breezy Dusting!


If you are someone who is easily irritated on how dust accumulates over your property, this is a no brainer. Just put the wax paper on the top of these furniture and toss it if you want to remove the dust!

Zipper Slipper


Stuck zippers are common but irritating events in our bags. The next time you encounter this problem, just run a piece over the teeth of your zipper to help the tab glide more gently!

Haven for Furniture


If you want to protect your drawers from dust, stains or build ups, just cover the insides with wax papers! Now that is easy! This product is not just for baking, isn’t it?