10 things you never knew about everyday objects


This article will make you realize that there are things that you have been using wrong your whole life. These are a few things you see every day but hardly notice.
We always open the lid and spill tic tacs out in our hand. Well, that is not how to eat a tic tac.
Have you ever noticed the groove on the inside of the lid? I bet you always turn the container upside down and open the lid to get one tic tac at a time. No more wasting of good candy.
The dimple or the groove on the underside of the wine bottle is known as a Punt. Now there are many reasons why the Punt is there, but the real reason is that in the old days when wine bottles were hand blown, they were usually not as finished as they are today, so the base was often wobbly and would spill the wine. When this started costing the producers a lot of money, they found out a way to keep the bottle stable, by adding a punt at the bottom. Now the Punt is there just because of tradition.

If you look closely, you might find that there are small silver brackets on the upper part of the nozzle tube. Right where the hose connects to the pump. Now, these brackets are there because of the carelessness of people. What people do is that they usually forget to pull out the nozzle before leaving the station, this may cause the plant to explode, but these brackets keep the pump from catching fire.
Have you ever noticed that when you buy a drink in a disposable cup, not only from McDonald’s but any shop, there are grooves on the lid that don’t make any sense? I always thought that they were there to make the cup look fancy. But the thing is that the lid can fit on the bottom of the container to serve as a coaster and prevent spills. Even Starbucks coffee cups have the same rule.


Whatever appliance we use in the kitchen, if it has a handle, there is a hole in it, the hole is for hanging the pans, but it also has another purpose. When you cook, you can fit the spoon into the hole to prevent creating a mess.



These keep the windows from breaking. While flying at high altitudes, the pressure inside and outside the plane gets entirely different. This may cause the window to break, but the holes keep the pressure same on both sides thus keeping the plane safe.
The bump allows the waters to find the particular key without being able to see the board. Once these two keys are found, writers can easily figure out the position of all the other keys as well.
No this is not a conspiracy by the pen company to find make you buy more pens. This is there that in case a pen nibbler accidentally swallows the cap, he won’t die as some amount of air will keep passing even if the cap is lodged in a person’s throat.

If you put the straw as in the image above, it will wiggle around and make it hard for you to drink, instead just twist the opening lever to the other side and put your straw through the hole to have a comfortable drink.



It is not for chewing, but it is there to keep the fizz in the fizzy drinks, and to prevent spillage in case the bottle is turned upside down or shaken.