Snoop Dogg Narrates The Famous Baby Iguana Chase Scene From ‘Planet Earth’ , And It’s Hilarious


American rapper Snoop Dogg just did a voiceover for one of the most iconic and tense sequences of nature documentary history in which we see a hatchling iguana chased by racer snakes- and we couldn’t imagine a better person to narrate it. “They plotting right now,” Snoops says of the snakes. “Oh, get out of there man. Go!” he adds when the serpents attack.

Okay, so he might not be the next David Attenborough, but Snoop definitely adds some lightness and humor to what looks like a scene from your biggest nightmare.
The terrifying BBC “Planet Earth” episode that was filmed on Fernandina Island in the Galapagos is given a thug-like twist when Snoop Doggy Dog concludes his narrative by saying that the iguana “reminds me of my homeboys when they getting chased by the police: Clean getaway.”

If Snoop is ‘representing all the gangsters all around the world,’ imagine how many of them would drop their guns and get interested in nature sciences if Snoop created his own version of ‘Planet Earth’. Ladies and gentlemen, some good old Snoop narrative is not only a real deal – it’s also education at its best and maybe even a positive force for change.

Watch the video here: