Bride-To-Be Hasn’t Cut Hip-Length Hair In Years, So Stylist Totally Transforms Her For Wedding


Hairstylists recommend getting a haircut every six months or so — this allows them to snip off the split ends and thin out any damaged hair.

Many of us aren’t able to find the time to schedule these appointments, so we often go a little longer than six months between snips.

And some people go much longer than a few months, like this woman, whose hair went untouched for 30 years.

Well, Holly didn’t quite go 30 years, but it was pretty close.

For years, Holly didn’t go to the hairdresser because she loved her long hair. After her father told her that women need long hair in order to be pretty, Holly never let go of those words.

Holly, who lives in Destin, Florida, had been stuck in a rut for years with her hair. She was about to get married, though, so she decided it was time for a change — and she went to see the hairstylists at Avant Garde Salon.


Holly, from Destin, Florida, believed her whole life that women needed long hair to be beautiful.

Because of that misconception, Holly let her hair grow and grow, until it hit her hips.

She finally decided it was time for a change before she got married, so she went to Avant Garde Salon for a makeover.

The hairstylists were blown away by Holly’s long, damaged locks.

The stylists immediately told Holly that her long hair had to go.

Hairstylist Jeremy Harfield sat her down in a salon chair, spun her around, and chopped off two feet of hair.
Once Holly’s hair was shorter, colorist Sara Pestella came in to work her magic.

Sara knew that Holly’s two-toned brown and blonde hair wasn’t working for her, so she used layers of blonde to give Holly a completely new look.

Holly began her transformation around 7 p.m., with her haircut. Her makeover wasn’t complete until after 2 a.m.

Sara’s color transformation was a four-step process, which is why it took so long to complete.

By the end of the evening, Holly looked stunningly different.

Once her hair was done, Holly also got her makeup done to complete the new look.
Most importantly, though, Holly finally feels beautiful in her own skin.

Not only does Holly look 15 years younger and a lot happier, her outside matches what’s inside.

What do you think of Holly’s makeover?

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