5 Plants That Help With A Sound Night’s Sleep


It’s recently been researched that having plants in your bedroom significantly influences the quality of your sleep. Every plant is unique in its own way and can either disturb our sleep or help us relax and provide some quality fresh air. What is more, lots of plants can fight the germs of the most dangerous diseases owing to elements they release into the air. So, here’s the list of sleep-beneficial plants. By the way, the majority of plants on our list are extremely easy to maintain.

Weeping Fig can absorb even the nastiest air pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene, that come from the furniture in our houses. It’s also great to have in your house because Weeping Fig has some very beneficial anti-microbial agents that might help you be healthier. By the way, this plant is well known all over the world as Ficus Benjamina. And it doesn’t require too much attention on your part. Just watering it once or twice a week will be just enough. So if you are one of those people who like simplicity and doesn’t need any fancy plants in your bedroom — Ficus Benjamina is just for you.


Aloe Vera is said to be one of the best air purification plants. It not only releases huge amounts of oxygen mostly at night but also absorbs plastic and varnish pollution. And did you know that aloe vera has been included in the list of NASA’s top air-improving plants? This plant doesn’t care about being watered. Of course, within reason, but on the whole, it doesn’t require frequent watering. What is more, aloe vera is great at reproduction. So if you’ve just bought one, get ready to have a few of them very soon.


Peace Lily is an expert at clearing up the air in your room as you sleep. What is more, it can eradicate all the mold there just by absorbing it. Almost forgot to mention, peace lily is also included in the NASA’s list of top air-improving plants. And that’s primarily because this plant can boost humidity levels in the room it grows in by 5%. Also, it can be of help to people who tend to have some allergies.


Chinese Evergreen. The beauty of this plant is that the bigger it is, the more toxins from the air it absorbs. What is more, it’s perfect for those who don’t like caring for plants. It doesn’t like being watered a lot. Then, it prefers indirect sunlight, but at the same time, Chinese Evergreen can live in the harshest conditions.


English Ivy, for example, has the perfect quality of getting rid of airborne mold in the shortest period. You’ve probably seen this plant on lots of buildings, right? English Ivy is famous for its ability to spread over all kinds of surfaces and grow there for years. And its ability to fight mold is one of the reasons people decide to keep it on the outside walls of their houses.


Sometimes simple plants can do more good than all those fancy gadgets people buy to purify the air in their houses. In addition to being perfect air cleaners, such plants help to make the air more humid. They prevent us from having all kinds of allergies as well as dangerous diseases. So, try putting them in your bedroom and see for yourself. And don’t hesitate to share with us in comments some info about the plants you have in your bedrooms.