After seeing these pictures, you’ll rush to the nearest hardware store and buy some gutters. I’d have never thought of this.


You see more and more ideas out there for gardens that fit into small places since a lot of people don’t have the time or space to maintain larger plots. But that’s no reason to give up on having fresh herbs, flowers, or lettuce, right? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The solution? Create a hanging garden using rain gutters!

You’ll need:

  • gutter
  • 6 end pieces that fit the gutters
  • spray paint (optional)
  • 6 short, thin iron rods (or very thick wire)
  • wire cable
  • 2 rope clips
  • 2 screw hooks
  • 6 cross connectors that fit the wire cable
  • soil
  • plants

Here’s how:

Saw the gutter into three equal parts and attach end parts to all six ends.

Use a drill to make evenly-spaced holes in the bottom of each gutter. They can be slightly larger than the ones shown in the photo below. These will serve as drainage holes for the plants. The two outer holes should be equidistant from the edge to make sure the gutters stay balanced. The wire cable will be fed through these two holes in a coming step.


The gutters may be spray painted to give them an individual look. Metallic colors — especially copper — are particularly stylish at the moment.

Next, bend the thin iron rods using pliers so they fit around the gutters. Thick, stable wire also works well here.

Cut the wire cable into two even pieces and think about where you are going to hang your garden. Remember, you have to be able to reach the highest level with a watering can. Create a loop on one end of each piece of wire and fasten them by hammering one of the rope clips on each.

Insert the screw hooks into the overhang you plan to hang your garden from. This could be from a terrace, from the ceiling in your house, or from the edge of your roof.


Next, feed the wire cable through the holes nearest the edge of the gutters. Use the cross connectors to fix the wire cable to the iron rods.

Your hanging garden should look something like this now. You can use a level to check whether the garden is balanced and adjust it if necessary.

All that’s left to do is fill your gutters with soil and plants. Voilà — your garden masterpiece is complete.

Here’s a video showing the individual steps:

Make this project your own! Paint the gutters in the color or pattern of your choice. Tip: if you keep the distance between the gutters smaller, you can use this as a gorgeous hanging privacy wall — much more attractive than other privacy options!




You could even use recycled gutters for this project, just make sure they aren’t completely rusty. Use your creativity and try different chains or ropes — make it unique!